The Body Project – Material Data Visualization



Material Data Visualization

Experience Design

Augmented Reality


Adobe Illustrator

Vinyl Printing

HP Reveal


Johanna Lunzmann

Austin Coll

Kathryn Hoffart

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before phones and laptops. These days, life is intertwined with the use of electronic devices for pretty much everything we do. Whether it’s emailing your boss, scrolling through Instagram, finding a restaurant, or watching a movie on Netflix – we use technology for almost everything. 


The Body Project was created to get people to look away from their devices – taking a moment to stop and think about the effects electronics are having on their health; both physically and mentally.

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Presenting the data in the form of a body showed it literally filling up with emotion.

Our team got over 400 responses!


Using packing tape and saran wrap, we constructed a transparent human figure that would be used to collect and display data. The data consisted of coloured paper that correlated to an emotion. Participants would write their answers on the pieces of paper that consisted of on an anonymous survey about how they felt using technology. In addition, the body tags on the display informed participants about the physical impacts of using technology. Once placed into the clear, plastic body, the data was collected and integrated into a website and different data visualizations. Finally, the team transformed the physical data that was collected into an augmented reality (AR) app, where users could view the results overlaid digitally.