AR Calgary Zoo Trading Cards



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The purpose of this project was to find a creative way to help the Calgary Zoo reach target audiences to increase awareness of the zoo’s conservation work, along with its perception as a leader in the field. Four colourful trading cards were made to educate children, youth and their parents about the endangered animals at the zoo. An augmented reality (AR) component was created on the cards to allow users to navigate and interact within an augmented environment in an engaging way.

How to use the trading card’s AR feature:

1. Download the Zappar app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Open the app and scan the small zapcode on the backside of the card.

3. Watch the information become interactive and three-dimensional.

  1. 4. Tap the play button to hear what the featured animal sounds like.

  2. 5. Watch a short video clip about the animal in their natural habitat.

  1. 6. Learn about the conservation programs with a quick link to the Calgary Zoo’s website.

  2. 7. Get directions to the Calgary Zoo with Google Maps.


The frontside of the trading cards show the animal’s image, scientific name, weight, length, continent where they live, and conservation status. The backside of the trading cards contains more information where users can learn more about the specific animal. These cards are recyclable, take up little space and are easy to store and transport.

Finally, displaying information, facts and multimedia that might be unknown to the majority of people will draw attention to the animals and the zoo. AR trading cards give children something in common with each other and they can show them off or talk about them. Handing the cards out at the Calgary Zoo’s special events, zoo talks, animal trainings, and membership purchases, allows the child to “collect them all” and win a prize (i.e. stuffed animal, free day admission, free wagon, discount off food or drink).